Expressions from the heart

Welcome to WholeHearted Horsemanship


“To abandon oneself in the dance with a horse is to touch the infinite”

– K. Solisti-Mattelon


My love for horses embraces my whole being. Entranced with their beauty, my heart’s vibrations feel their magnificence as they softly breathe on my cheek. The sound of their hooves galloping across the field reverberates through my entire body as I witness their earthly power. Quietly sitting in their company, tears have often welled up, softening the armour that guards my heart. I have been blessed in this life to follow my childhood passion and guided by virtue to do and be the best I can for them. To continue learn and grow by incorporating the most up to date scientific principles available today.

This thirty-year journey of being a student of the horse has been filled with joy, grief, frustration, and surrender. The more I think I know, the less I actually know.

Here in this space, I intend to share with you the reader stories from my herd, science-based behaviour, and training theories and my experience of the compassionate pathway to the wise heart. Each of us is seeded with a pursuit of something meaningful, an objective truth, to seek and understand a universal principle.  I seek to understand beauty not in its subjective sense, as held by the intellect, but something much more profound. Beauty as the deep expression of an awakened consciousness. How does beauty guide my relationships, with my horses, with people, and nature? I’m on a quest to discover the answers.

I see beauty in the mundane, everyday occurrences.  As I teach my horse a new behaviour  I experience the process as a form of art. I practice kindness that is required in resolving unwanted behaviour. My horses keep me in a state of humility, resolving any attachment that I have all the answers. I listen attentively, I speak quietly, I smile from the playfulness of my inner child, and create a space that values their voice through choice and consent. 

I aim to lead by the impulse to know better and do better and to contribute something meaningful to a world in crisis. I welcome you to join me on this journey.

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